Blender 2.901 won't open on my computer...need help!- SOLVED

I got a new computer (home build). Runs all my adobe programs, runs ZBrush and Corel Painter and 3D Coat,

But when I open Blender the little dos window comes up for a second and then disappears. Nothing then happens. My screen remains dark.

I open task manager but it doesn’t show Blender.

I tried “repairing” the version in the control panel. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same thing. Nothing.

I have googled the problem but found nothing. I deleted the “roaming” file after I uninstalled. So it was a clean install.

I have attached the dxdiag text file to see if anyone with tech experience can see anything obvious that is preventing Blender from opening.

Thanks for any help…desperate to get this working again. Blender is my main program on my computer. I use it all the time.

DxDiag.txt (112.6 KB)

You share what you get for OpenGL information with the following utility:

I downloaded the GLZ_0.5 and ran it but it only opened a little window that was blank and it disappeared in about a second. I am no techie so I am not sure how to operate some of those types of programs nor do I know where it saves any information it puts out.

I very much appreciate your trying to help me with this.

You have two GPUs in your computer, integrated intel iGPU UHD Graphics 630 and nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. You use GPU-z to see which of them is primary GPU (share screenshot):

Thanks…here are two screen shots;

I am not a Windows user and it is not clear to me which of the GPUs are in use and handling the display.
OpenGL appears unchecked in screenshots. Apparently there is something wrong with OpenGL on your system.
You turn off the computer and you make sure that the cable from your monitor is connected to the Nvidia video card on the computer (the cable must not be connected to the motherboard video output).
Then you download latest nvidia drivers from nvidia site (don’t use drivers provided by Windows). Then run the nvidia driver installer, and you check there in the installer an option to perform a “Clean install” (or something like that). Complete driver installation. Restart the machine.

Thanks so much… I will check to see if the cable is connected correctly.

Sure appreciate your sticking with me through this. Your English is pretty darn good!

It works YAFU! Thanks. It was plugged into the motherboard and not the graphics card.

You made my day! Heck…you made my week!

Thanks so much.

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