Blender 2.91.2 - Microdisplace - rotation

Hi guys, i work with microdisplace texture but i found big problem. I cant rotate with my texture so every object with this texture is rotated by 30°. Can u help me?

Iam using:
Cycles - experimental
On objects are aplicated Subdivisonsurface modifier - Adaptive subdivision.

I tryed apply texture coordinate but it doenst work. I need the “spikes” on every side of the object.

To help you,it would be helpfull that you post more of your material setup or better post a blend file.

We just can guessing without more info.
I guess that you use global coordinates or something is not applyed like rotation and scale.

You should use object coordinate for each object you want add displacement,this way you use the middle of/from the object vector to displace if that makes sence.

Hi! Okay, okay! Here you can download my project. Thanks.

You have used the math nodes for a vector calculaction.Math nodes can contain only one value a once.
Since Vector coordinates have 3 values (xyz) you can use the color mix rgb for a 3 channel calc,or the vector math nodes.

Here a quick swap to a color version of your previous math.

edit,after revisit some older postings i have done,i noticed that for the bump node, the fac should be connected to the height ofc.