[Blender 2.91 and XP-Pen Tablet] Pen buttons not working

I recently got a XP-pen deco 01 v2. The problem I have is I can’t get the side pen buttons and the pen pressure to work, and I tried tweaking with the tablet settings and blender settings. If I have pen pressure then the buttons don’t work, if the buttons work then I don’t have pen pressure.

I have one button set to middle mouse click, one set to right click. I used a wacom before with the same settings and didn’t have this issue. Is there a way to fix this aside from emulating 3-button mouse?

Same thing here with Huion hs610.
To have pressure working i have to select windows ink in Blender but tis way pen buttons are disabled.

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Try the current daily build.

Same problem here. Windows Ink in Blender Preferences - Input - Tablet fix the pressure thank god.
Bur the side buttons don’t work.

Nothing changed, 2.91.2 still have the problem.

To all, if you’re still experiencing problems please open a bug report and include @nicholas_rishel at the end of the report.

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