Blender 2.91 crashes when trying to change preferences

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but I can’t seem to operate the preferences window in 2.91 without the program either crashing itself or my GPU driver (which, before anyone asks, is up to date). Is there a reason why this is happen?

What is your GPU? What is your operating system? When do you change a particular preference?

Radeon RX500, Windows 10, whenever I open Blender to try to change the theme from default or add an add-on. Don’t know why the GPU matters, is there a bug that screws up the preferences window on some cards?

It seems that 2.91 have a huge bugs with radeon cards.
Like in this bugreport

try to download older drivers and test.

Faulty GPU drivers can cause problems in any part of Blender. If this is not a driver problem, you try from Blender File menu, Defaults, Load factory settings. Click accepting in the confirmation dialog of load factory settings that will appear under the mouse pointer. Without closing blender after doing the above, then you open the preferences and you see if the crash still occurs.

I think that might actually be it, I downloaded the Radeon Pro driver from AMD’s website and now 2.91 seems to be working fine.