Blender 2.91 hiding face sets with industry compatible


With the industry compatible keys I cant seem to find a way to hide face sets while sculpting. I can see it with regular keys – It is H while in sculpt mode. However “face sets visibility” is not an option.

Can I report this bug? or is there a workaround?

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It’s been 2 years and still a lot of features, like hiding geometry by face sets or switching from object to object in sculpt mode, are still missing from industry compatible. Blender is a very powerful tool, but I think it s unacceptable for these features, and many others, to be forgotten by the developers, if blender wants to be a professional software, not only for beginners. I am a 3ds max and zbrush user for the last 15 years, working in the gaming industry, and try to incorporate Blender in my workflow. I am also a funder for Blender, so I am in the right to complain, I think. Don t get me wrong, it’s like having a child with a lot of potential and you, as a parent, get frustrated because you see that child doing ok, when he could be great. Caa aaa n we speak to somebody from blender for this kind of things?

Well. The quickest way, to solve that, is probably to provide to @Julien_Kaspar a satisfying keymap configuration, exported as a python script.

I think that Sculpt mode evolved quickly and developers avoid to update Industry Compatible keymap ; because there were not sure that some parts of evolution of workflow will be permanent.
I think they were waiting for a kind of stabilization of the mode, that never happened since Pablo started to radically transform it.
Amount of brushes tripled, two dozens of active tools (that are not brushes) have been created, almost as many new mask operators, a new auto-masking feature, a new brushes with sub-modes workflow, a new Face Sets workflow, a new Voxel Remesh workflow, a new Color Attributes painting workflow…
Many of those things have changed, several times, since moment of their introduction.

Indeed, that corresponds to a lot that deserves to be discovered. But default keymap also has difficulties to follow rhythm of additions and is not ideal, too.

Currently, Joe changed expand tool modal keymap in master. Honestly, I am not a big fan of those changes. To me, those defaults do not make sense.
That does not make sense to preserve previous mask by default.
If you are using the tool to create first mask, you have the feeling that does not work.
That does not make sense to me to enable gradient, each time, I change FallOff type.
I don’t know if those things are bugs or if a demonstration from @Julien_Kaspar is needed to understand.

There are more modifications to come that could redistribute keys of sculpt mode configuration.
Work on asset-shelf region started in an experimental branch. That will change workflow to access brushes.

So, I suppose that they tried to avoid a WIP feeling by sticking to old shortcuts and just adding some for Remeshing, several years ago.
But yes, in Default keymap, there are shortcuts to create, hide, edit masks and face sets, enable auto-masking, improve painting that are missing in Industry Compatible keymap.

Ithe main problem isn t that keymaps are missing, the problembis that the features are missing. If you open facesets rollout in sculpt mode, visibility by faceset doesn t exist. Whitch is a major problem. For professional artists that use many progrsms like marmoset, 3ds max, substance painter etc etc etc, it s very hard to use blender default keymaps, I would say almost impossible. Face sets have been around for many many years and still are missing from industry compatible. Blender keeps adding brushes, features and so on, whitch is great, but more important would be to make basic features as good as they can be. For example, in 3ds max, if you unwrap an object and add a chamfer (in blender bevel) modifier, the uvs keep their initial form. In blender it creates chaos. This is very important for non destructive workflow. That is another must have feature that is lacking

To clarify some things:

  • Some features are not missing but just not added to the menus and keymap. This makes it very hard to find or change the shortcut for them. It’s doable in the keymap preferences, but requires deeper insight into Blender.
  • The IC keymap was created a few years back and tbh was not actively maintained or at least not optimized for sculpt mode.

To fix this there needs to be more responsibility on the sculpt, paint & texture module on maintaining and optimizing the keymaps.
One issue with that is that there is nobody in the module who actively uses or understands the keymap.

I tried the keymap recently and found it overall horrifically unusable and outdated for sculpt mode.
What we would need is a discussion on what the keymap should be like (what to update, how & why).

For example the keymap is not using any of the intended pie menus or shortcut operations in the regular keymap.
Various brush shortcuts are defined not based on usefulness but just based on comparisons to names (T for Thumb, H for Snake Hook).
Some shortcuts which are used most frequently are hard to access for no good reason (U for strength).
There are also shortcut conflicts.