Blender 2.91 inverted texture with smart UV project

For an unknown reason when I open a texture with “image texture” then do a “smart UV project” with it, it’s inverted.

This is blender 2.91
Strangely this is not the case in the anterior version of blender

as showed here

this is blender 2.80 , I also teste on 2.79, this issus only appear in blender 2.91.
I’m using linux UBUNTU and never add any issue.
aside from this all texturing technique seems to work without any trouble.

Hey, @GameArtistWannabe! I was just wondering if you need help fixing a problem. Your post didn’t have any questions in it and I want to make sure I understand what you are asking.

The issue is that when I unwrap using “smart uv project” as showed in my post,
the texture is inverted like a mirror.
While is wasn’t in precedent Blender version, and i don’t know how to correct it.

That is a bug.

You can correct it by doing a scale _1 on X axis in UV editor.