Blender 2.91 (low playback framerate 2 fps) vs version 2.65 (normal 24 fps)

Downloaded a fresh install of version 2.91. Preview (space bar) results in extremely low 2 fps playback. Framerate set to 24 fps in settings (dimensions). Version 2.65 works fine with 24 fps. This is with the simple default cube.

OBS recording lags so I also included an offscreen recording using my iPad.

Interested in using 2.91 because the character Rain v2 looks pretty cool. I tried importing Rain into version 2.65 but all I see is a message stating about it being a Creative Commons, etc. I don’t see Rain. It works fine in 2.91 though.

If there’s no solution to the low fps in 2.91 on my end, is there any character that has a similar build as Rain v2 for blender version 2.65? Looking to create sports poses, animations.

What is your GPU?

AMD Radeon HD 6570

I would update your drivers. It is from 2012. But your gfx card is from 2011.

I would try out intermediate versions of Blender and see if 2.7xx or 2.8xx work better but could also import the Rain model you want to use.

Driver is said to be the most updated version. Version 2.79b version ‘works’ but importing Rain v2 closes blender. Version 2.81 and 2.82 ‘messes’ with my ‘display driver’, blender shuts down.

Version 2.79b framerate playback works fine:

That’s good info. Stick with 2.79 then. It doesn’t work with your favorite model, though.

Hopefully you can find some models.

There are newer drivers (2015 2016) tho windows just doesn’t know it.

I’m going to hold off on updating the driver, and work with the 2,79b version.

I found these characters (and I’m using them), but they don’t really have the hips and glute structures that I would like when posing athletic movements,

Is there a popular place that has free blender rigs similar to the rain model (more body characteristics)? Doesn’t matter the gender, just characters with a bit more hip/glutes for athletic poses?

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