Blender 2.91 - render output blank? what am i doing wrong?

hi there! i’m new here, and relatively inexperienced with blender - the last time i worked with it was probably 2015 or earlier, and that was just for a single semester in college, so i’m quite out of practice!

anyway - i cannot seem to get anything in the render output, no matter what i do. i’ve looked the problem up just about everywhere and have enabled or disabled (i think) everything that has been recommended to fix this problem; i’ve made sure surfaces are enabled, should be all enabled for render, composite nodes hooked up, but it hasn’t seemed to help at all. i’m sure i’m making a simple rookie mistake here, but for the life of me i have no idea what it is.

can someone please take a look at this and help me out? i greatly appreciate it!
i just signed up today so they’re not letting me upload a file directly - here’s a link to it on my google drive.

thanks so much! i hope yall have a wonderful day.

renders out fine here:

what do you have set for your render devices? cuda/cpu?

i’m using CPU! thank you so much for your reply - i was baffled how you got it to work but after leaving it alone for a while, i had the same result when i looked again. i think my computer is just a lot slower with the render than i thought it would be, so when i sat there for a minute with nothing to show i assumed i was doing something wrong. my current laptop is not really built for this so that makes sense, haha - thank you so much! i’ll keep at it!