Blender 2.91 Walk/Fly Mode Acting Strangely in a Specific File

Hello All,

I apologize if this has already been answered but it seems like an odd problem to me.

Warning, I am not a pro user by any stretch. I know some of the basics and am just starting to play around with Blender 2.91.

I received a blender file from a colleague that exhibits some strange behaviour when using Walk/Fly mode. Whenever I enter this mode and start moving around, all the objects in the foreground move around while the terrain stays stationary in line with how the camera is facing. It’s almost like the terrain is somehow linked to the camera but if I choose another method of panning the camera, the same issue doesn’t happen.

The same colleague has sent another file that behaves perfectly normally in Walk/Fly mode. I’ve asked my colleague to look into it but Blender is not his native environment and he’s not sure what the problem is. So, I thought I’d ask the real experts.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Can you make a video of the problem?

Sure thing. Here’s a short video of the issue. As you can see, it doesn’t even look like the camera is moving, it looks like everthing BUT the camera and the terrain are moving. But I am indeed using Walk/Fly mode. Shift+` to make it happen. In any other file, it works just fine.

Issue resolved. After much muddling around not really knowing what I was doing, I figured it out. The camera was linked to a collection that included the terrain. Once I fixed that, Walk/Fly works perfectly.

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