Blender 2.92 Error: Failed to find 'Pose ▶ Parent - With Envelope Weights'

I am new to rigging but am experiencing a problem in Blender that I can find no information about.

I am trying to apply the envelope weights from an armature to a mesh that has an armature component and is child of the armature.

But I receive a very strange (very poor verbose etiquette) error message:

Failed to find ‘Pose :arrow_forward: Parent :arrow_forward: With Envelope Weights’

And all search engines return no matches for that search pattern.

But I am able to paint the armature by hand.

So not sure how to proceed and am unable apply envelope weights to my model.

Can somebody please explain what could be causing that error to occur?

I figured it out, but it was not immediately obvious due to the error message was mentioning something about “parent” and it was throwing me off the trail.

It had absolutely nothing to do with child/parent relationship and instead what I realized I was doing wrong was I tried to apply the envelop weights while in Weight Paint mode. But i needed to be in pose mode with the armature highlighted.

What I find strange in b2.92 is the new F3 menu, it looks very unwelcoming now and I think it is suggesting options that are not valid for the current mode - which would be extremely unpleasant for numerous reasons.

I thought the above was the solution, however the error persists even in Pose mode??

Now I am again stuck and Blender is making it impossible to apply Envelope weights to my model.

Can someone please explain what could be causing this error message?

The solution was to restart Blender…