Blender 2.92 lagging when using mask method

Hi forum.

In a previous version of Blender 2.80 I’m doing a masking method and also using the build modifier and it works perfect . So I downloaded 2…92 and did the same exactly method, but its extremely laggy, and blender wont respond and then at some point crashes. what could be causing this issue? its working fine with previous version but new version is not working well. Here’s a file if someone wants to test it as see if the new blender 2.92 works.

Blender.2_8.blend (2.8 MB)

I had no problem opening your file in 2.92 (which is what opens when I open a .blend file). Just a quick question: did you uninstall 2.8 before installing 2.92? If not then that might cause some issues. I played around with it a bit and no problems on my computer (which is a bit old with a Nvidia GeForce 9200 graphics card and it originally had Windows 7 on it before an elder at the church upgraded it).

Hi Thommy.

thanks for trying out the file. I didn’t uninstall the previous version of blender because ironically enough it work, but it doesnt work on the new 2.92 version. My PC is very old, so maybe the 2.92 version and my GPU nvidia isn’t compatible I’m thinking. So I resulted in using the previous blender version.

You’re welcome. When I install a new version of Blender, I uninstall the previous one that I had on my computer. Something you might want to try, is downloading the zip files of the two versions and then extract the files and just run Blender from there (no need to install and you can have multiple versions of Blender on your computer).

Ok thanks for the information I’ll give it a go.

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