Blender 2.92 scale duplicate instances

I am trying to create a grid of cubes with geometry nodes in Blender 2.92, and I need to dynamically scale the cubes, so that they all fit inside the grid without overlapping. However, the point instance node requires an object input, and the transform node requires a geometry input. Is there a way that I can scale the cube after it has been instanced?

Not sure how you are doing this, but you can scale the instances using the scale input of the instance on points node. (there is also a “scale instances” node)

If this does not help, post a screenshot of your GN setup to see what you are trying to do.

Sorry I just read that bit.

I recomend you do not use 2.92 for geometry nodes. They have gone through a total rewrite, the new system is totaly different “feilds” and will never revert. The GN system in 2.92 is totaly obsolete.
Any experiments or learning GN in 2.92 will be useless in the future.

For GN nodes use the latest versions of Blender they develope fast and there are many new options and nodes. Use at least the 3.2 blender version.