Blender 2.93.5 - "Loading render kernels" does not load anything


Being finished with my first pc built, I was trying to try Blender on some unfinished projects. The problem is when I’m in cycles and switch to render view in OptiX, i get “Loading render kernels” message and doesn’t load anything, crashing the program when I try switching again to any other viewport view. This both happens with a new project or an old one from my previous pc.

I’ve tried everything, from clean Blender uninstall and swithing between versions, to clean driver uninstall and reinstall. Also tried deleting the OptiX file from OptixCache but anything seems to work.

Has someone experience anything similar to this or know what is going on?

I experienced a similar issue. It took upwards of 4-5 minutes to load the kernels in an empty scene here… It didn’t take that long in the past iirc.

It can take some time for first run on new drivers or blender version, just leave it until it’s done