Blender 2.93 abandons its win7 users!

People who don’t want Windows 10 should be able to do a side-grade to Linux Mint on their current machines. I know not everything runs well on WINE, but the companies behind nearly every major creative app. have been phasing out older Windows versions anyway.

If you can get the new ecosystem working for you, then you should see an upgrade in Blender’s performance (due to the GCC compiler’s ability to produce faster code than MSVC).

Disclaimer, I am a Windows 10 user who has had one eye on Mint, but there’s still Windows only apps. I like to use.

Support did end, see:

I read a year or two ago linux developers not caring for color management (on a thread about wayland), adding to that the limited support to nvidia graphic cards and options for software (zbrush, avs+) make linux a hard choice for me or to anyone into graphics by extension, linux is mainly for programmers.
I’m going to install Win10 (dual boot) because of VR, but only for that, I hope with time I can tame the monster.

@bartv, not for everybody it seems:

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Ha indeed, but only through Enterprise/Volume deals apparently. That doesn’t sound like something that individuals or smaller companies will be able to afford.

I believe upgrading to Windows 10 on an older legacy bios motherboard is also a pain on a multi operating system since the boot loader in Windows will not recognize LInux operating systems.
You most likely will have to play around with a GRUB boot loader to make all your operating systems appear in the GRUB boot loader menu. Gigabytes UEFI bios on your motherboard will avoid this problem yet many older computers with legacy bios are not upgradable to UEFI. If you are not careful and have some knowledge of manipulating GRUB boot loaders (grub.cfg file) you could wind up having to re-install any other operating systems, if that even works correctly. This could run into a lot of time and juggling setting up a daisy chain boot loader configuration for more than two operating systems by re-installing operating systems in a certain step by step procedure of sequence.