Blender 2.93 abandons its win7 users!

What info? Also there’s a new worse bad-guy… Windows 11 :poop:

Install Pop OS.

It’s the most straightforward and easy linux distro I have ever used. It passes the “it just works” test with flying colors.

Seriously, just give it a try on a live usb and see how the interface feels. The flexibility and robustness have really impressed me, and I have been a windows user since 3.1.


From my limited knowledge about running Linux it seems that in order to stay compatible with commercial applications in this field - aka keeping your options open - it would be better to stay with CentOs or RedHat or anything derived from that (CentOs being phased out in favor of some new distro AFAIK).

I mean the very last thing you’d want is to having to install yet another OS because you the newbie Linux sysadmin can’t figure out how to get Maya or whatever set up and running well.

I vaguely recall trying to get some Maya learning edition to install on Ubunutu and it didn’t fkn work. :slight_smile:

True, I do have to dual boot for autocad and the Serif suite.

But for blender or any other OS software, it works great. and the fact that I can boot into POP in 30 seconds makes it pretty appealing.

What Serif suite might that be?

I never restart during a project, I keep the whole session open and let it hibernate at the end of the work day - so it wouldn’t be my cup of tea to having to switch OS but to each their own I suppose. I prefer to only boot the OS every couple months, the less the better. :innocent:

Affinity photo/designer

I would love to have a linux version of those, but I won’t hold my breath.

My bad - I thought you were booting between different Linux installs and that there was software from Serif out for Linux. :slight_smile:

If you know how to use alien then you can convert RPMs into DEBs just fine to install on the other side.

First of all, there IS a way to run Blender 2.93.1 on our beloved Windows 7(likely the LAST good OS from Micro$oft…).

  1. First, you need to edit the .msi installer to make it install on Windows 7. For this I have used ORCA ( - but if you have a better alternative, use it!
    You need to modify “LaunchCondition”, and change 603 to 601!
  2. You need to download a required dll for the python crap to work (why ffs, did Blender have to use that stupid horrible retarded scripting language, whyyyyyyy???!!!)
    Anyways, here is a link that explains how to do it:

PS. And for all those “wise” guys that recommend everybody to install windows 10 on their PC… I can only tell them, from all my heart, a warm… G. F. Y.! Have all your personal data accessible to Micro$$hit, have them update and break YOUR computer whenever THEY LIKE, sheep! And stop giving sh*tty advice to others, keep them to yourselves.




Sorry - I don’t like being stuck in the past with old tech. Can you name an instance where MS broke someone’s computer or used their personal data in a nefarious way?

A possible solution is to use UPBGE 0.3 Alpha. This Blender fork is updated & synced with blender master almost daily AND it has a version for Windows 7 that uses nalexandru’s fake dll solution.

This is the link to download:

I’d like to thank you for your wise, fair and obvious words :slight_smile:

For BL2.93+ and at the risk of repeating myself, the esiest way is to copy the ‘magic’ dll into blender folder and that’s it ;). No edition, no changes, etc.
Just a finger to python minigods who consider win7 is dead.

@other people asking for µ$oft safety… please go on using brand new things :slight_smile:
You’ll be offered all the amazing problems i will never :wink:

Happy blending !


Planned obsolescence is bullshit. I absolutely despise windows 10.

I plan on sticking to windows 7, even if it means I’ll have to tear it apart to understand its inner workings so I can keep it up to date.

Sorry to say that now your despise is obsolete ! :rofl:

window$ 10 is dead ! long life to window$ 11


And happy blending !