Blender 2.93 Geometry Nodes Music Visualizer

I made a music visualizer for my friend’s upcoming track using Blender 2.93 geometry nodes.

Using geometry nodes to essentially make an array modifier that stacks along normals rather than a specific axis or direction was the coolest discovery for me.


Can you post the blend file or the nodes + audio setup?

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I unfortunately can’t release it all because I don’t want to put out the musician’s sound files out there before the album is released, and the blend file is pretty useless without the audio and the baked f curves from it. Its a mess of a combination of geometry nodes, drivers, baked and un-baked f curves from the audio, so there’s no straightforward way to post a screenshot of how it works.

Is there a particular aspect (or a small handful of aspects) that you’re curious about? I make tutorials about once a week and would be happy to make one based off of parts of this.

Nevermind, since everything is baked I just took the audio out. Here it is!

All the individual assets in it can be CC0 (ie do whatever you want with them), but the file and composition itself is not.

blend file


In case this gets any attention, this is absolutely not the best way to do this (the buildings particularly), please don’t do it like this, there are so many better ways.

Instead of stacking points on top of each other like this in repeating node groups to make the array along normals I’d use the line mesh primitive and instance the building floor at each vertex like I did with the grid primitive in my stairs tutorial: Procedural Stairs using Geometry nodes

This is an incredibly intriguing blend, probably I’ll study first some of yours tutorials.

What’s a dynamic paint modifier? And what? This will take me weeks :smiley:

That’s part of a method of only rendering what is in or near the camera view, there’s too much geometry to efficiently calculate geometry nodes for this whole scene.

It’s based off of this idea from Erindale, I think I pretty much exactly copied it.