Blender 2.93 keeps corrupting my files

Hi all, I am fairly new to blender and I hope someone can help me out with an issue.
I recently upgraded to 2.93. The last week I have been experiencing problems with Blender crashing and the corruption the files. I get this crash log:

I am unable to open the file after the crash. I have tried opening it on another computer but it seems like the file is destroyed once it crashes.
It has been happening on several projects so it is not just one buggy file causing havoc. I work with a group of people who are PC based while I am running on a Mac. Could it be a problem passing the files back and forward between Mac and PC?
Has anyone else encountered frequent crash and corruption in 2.93?

Ok you probably know this but just in case. Blender makes automatic backups called xxxx.blend1 This might allow you to at least rescue some work.

Another thing you can sometimes do is try and append collections/models/whatever from the corrupted file. This might be another thing to try if you have no backups to work with.

It may be worthwhile to supply a full bug report to You can report a bug directly from within Blender by going to Help > Report a Bug This will prefill the bug report with some info for you and you can continue from there.

This sounds pretty serious so, sorry for stating the obvious perhaps, but make certain your system is working properly in general. Perhaps run a memory checker etc

No, did that a thousand times, never had a problem.

You may want to check this thread:

Anyway things should be ok now with 2.93…

You share in the following report the characteristics of your hardware and OS, Blender version, the description of your problem and the log file. Also if you know the steps that make Blender crash:

The report is with “archived” status for now.


Thanks for the input and the thread. Good to know it is not a conversion problem.

Thanks so much for the comment. Append does work pretty well in most cases. The blend1 files are weirdly also corrupting and the system is running all my other applications just fine.
Submitting a bug report sounds like good advice.