Blender 2 Dark Places engine tutorial !

Just finished it. Come and serve yourself :wink:

Thank you.

Hmm… No one cares about it?

i read the tute yesterday, it looks solid.
i don’t have any use for it, but some people might.
i think interest in external games engines is slowing due to Apricot.

I care.

In fact, I think I’ve talked to you on DarkPlaces IRC with exactly some of these questions. I’m on a Mac and had trouble exporting models with a better format than MD2/3. Now I have written a simple SMD (HL2) exporter, and together with LordHavoc’s DPM compiler, have succeeded to get models correctly across, all on a Mac. I haven’t gotten around to testing it on Win / Linux, though, so no release yet.

Should release it soon, though.

On another note, how do I get an alpha channel in the base texture to work as transparency? If you know, that’d be great.

Good work on the tut. A minor suggestion would be to make the title clickable on the “goodies” page, and maybe moving the picture closer to the headline. But that’s strictly web design.

I am more interested in a web browser plugin that can run blender game engine stuff.

Are you thinking of porting Dark Places to the browser?

I think that lack of attention could also come from the fact that it is Nexuiz that is known and not the DarkPlace engine on which it is based …
So maybe if you change the title of the thread accordingly people will more likely show up.

Thank you guys for replying.

2 Meta-Androcto: I don’t see how can interest for external engines can be slowing because of Apricot? BGE is slow. DP is fast (it’s based on GLQuake which was built by a genius engine coder name John Carmack as you know) and it’s the best for it’s generation. With this tutorial you can also export models to be used with Doom 3, Quake 4, probably ETQW and Prey. Don’t get me wrong, BGE can find it’s niche, it’s not a bad product.

ThatSoundAgain: thank you for the suggestions. Btw, I haven’t found any good SMD exporter for Blender, that’s why we got Riot to write MD5 to DPM converter. SMD is a way better format though than MD5.

Atom: I see no reason for DP to be ported into web browser. We have to see if Quake Live will bring some cash. Otherwise web browser games are not really profitable. Personally I never play them, I am old school :stuck_out_tongue:

Olm-Z: Nexuiz uses DP, but it doesn’t mean you need to use Nexuiz to create another game. Also it doesn’t use .DPM format by default because the game logic code requires for you to have models in .zym format. There is no way to get model out of Blender into .zym via MD5.

I’m interested. My first foray into 3D was using Max…and I’m finding a few things in Blender to not quite flow to my pre-learned way of thinking. I’m downloading now and look forward to seeing what you came up with.

Hmm… let me get this straight. “This project is trying to make Blender look more like 3DS Max and it makes exporting to Dark Places Engine easier”, right?

If so, I find this interesting.

Obsidian3d: Same thing here… I learned MAX first and when I looked at Blender I decided I wasted my time downloading it. Later I had to force myself to learn it’s GUI and start thinking Blender instead of MAX. To be honest, there is no other way… You just gotta start thinking Blender. And my goal is to help it while applying learning process to game dev :slight_smile:

C-106 Delta: The project is my game called Prophecy :slight_smile: I use Dark Places + Blender + GIMP. I decided to share my experience with other game developers in the form of tutorials, video or html. I hope you still interested :smiley:

And thank you guys for expressing the interest.