Blender 2.x manuals

Is there anywhere one can still purchase Blender 2 manuals?

I just checked and Barnes & Noble has it online.

(I forgot to include the price and wanted to try the edit feature anyway)

Some bookstores may also have it on the shelves. My local B&N was out of stock, but had a copy of “The Blender Book” available.

Standards are great. We should have lots of them.

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I just checked you can buy
them both used and new.

Barnes & Noble’s online ( is cheaper than
I don’t think either website offers “samples” of the book available to look at.

However, if you live near a Barnes & Noble’s or any other major bookstore, you might find a copy there. I actually found a Blender manual available in my BN bookstore’s Graphics section.

Try I got it for $28.50 plus $4.90 shipping,
got in three days.