blender 232 rendertime radiosity issue

phew this is funny - I have some scenes from 2003 which would open in 232 blender and NOT in later version (were compressed)

however, 232 radiosity seems to render texfaces wrong - they only show if there’s a lamp in scene which makes texfaces come trough somehow.

dummy tests (with something extruded from cube) I’ve made show quite good results in 233 - textures are rendered correctly (but more artifacts on mesh, even with high subdiv), while 232 renderes mesh nicely but textures are shitty- completelly washed out

any workarounds to that?
(don’t have pics, but if anyone knows what I’m talking about, please, inform)

umm, are you talking abt. rendertime radiosity or the viewport-subdivision-method??


here is quick example with something from cube, rendered in 232 (top) and 233 (same settings, of course).

however crucial (for me) is to get o.k. results in 232

p.s.: in 232 texture (texface’d) show ONLY if there’s a lamp in scene (see above, it shows only on side that’s lit with a lamp) while 233 renders as expected, even if there ain’t no lamp in scene, i.e. with sole use of radiosity and/or AO

experts, your turn, please:

why is it crucial to get it looking “good” in 2.32, when you know 2.33 will work

isn’t opening it in 2.33 more of an issue?

have you tried appending all of the data from your file in 2.33, or uncompressing it, or pretty much anything other than just simply opening it?

there are py(dll’s) things involved which work exclusively with 2.2 api. but I have already stated that v232 is prerequisite.

any help to topic, please(without questions WHY232, I have already answered that)?