Blender 271 hash 77f3577

I can’t seem to get Numpy to work in this version…have it in 2.67,and 2.69 but in 2.71 my console windows keeps saying “Rock Generator settings file found: F\blender2.71\scripts\addons_contrib\add_mesh_rocks\add_mesh_rocks.xml. Rock Generator: Numpy not found. Using Python’s random” I installed.reinstalled python 32,33,34 and all necessary numpy,scipy and other various site-packages and even copied them over to the native python in version 2.71. Spent hours with this problem over many days…I give up…does anyone know the solution to this problem??? thanks

maybe I can update this post my self!!! I just downloaded the latest build from GraphicsAll “hash 5aec61f” and it does work fine in that version…very confusing…sooooooooooooo I will modify those folders with my stuff and use that version from now on…Would still like to know what the solution is for this problem tho