Blender 2D-Concept Design : My predator 烈!


(Seaway) #1

Concept Design : My predator 烈!
Use the GP drawing function of Blender 2.8.
Then sent to Krita and CSP to complete the final light, detail and color.
I hope everyone likes :slight_smile:

speedpainting show:

(alf0) #2

amazing work !!!

(Member) #3

Wow nice work on it…

(ChameleonScales) #4

This is stunning but may I ask why you started it with grease pencil?

(Seaway) #5

English is not good, Machine Translation, please forgive me.
1 GP is vector, I don’t have to worry about pixel resolution.
2 Every pen I draw will be recorded, and I can replay the process.
3 I am curious, how many strokes can Blender’s vector strokes draw?

(Ethan) #6

wow this is stunning. Would love to hear your thoughts on how grease pencil performed in this workflow.

(Seaway) #7

Very happy to share:)
I feel that GP painting is very good, and it is almost the same as other painting software. And it has a higher freedom than painting software, and can also draw real 3D lines in 3D space.
This provides a new and optimal solution for real-time stereo dynamic Storyboard.

However, Using the Mirror modifier, its strokes are limited. When I paint more than 2,300 strokes and more than 10,000 points, Painting is not fluent. This is why I am exporting to Kirta painting later.

(Xard) #8

I’ve never seen grease pencils being pushed this far before. The shaded blender 2d output has a really nice mix of sketch and final.

(Seaway) #9

Yes, this is just the beginning :)
This is a new combination of conceptual design and dynamic storyboard.
Time, space, and design are all perfectly expressed in the grease pencils.


omg amazing job. your lineart and light are fantastic. keep posting your art please

(Craig Jones) #11

Very nice work - did you paint the solids in CSP and Krita underneath the GP strokes? I like the combination, and you have a very full 3d feel to the forms, bravo!

(Seaway) #12

I am very happy to hear from you.
Painting directly in GP, no drafts in CSP and Krita.
I don’t need drafts when I have a positive concept in my head :)

(Seaway) #13

Thank you :grinning: