Blender 2d game


I would like to do a 2d game but i am not really prepared. Can someone please help me?like for ex. Is it better to do someone wlaking or an image moving? Do i need scripts?And how do i put limited time for ex. After 300 seconds you lose?

Thank you.

are you searching for the “make a game” button?!
Games, even the simplest ones, take lots of time ( and knowledge) to get done!
Play with the thousands? demos already available and you’ll be “prepared” one of these days!
“Is it better to do someone wlaking or an image moving”?
Well, that depends on the “gameplay” of the game, and the “style” you want to get, both methods are “good”, I guess!
“Do i need scripts”?
No! Specially if you don’t know how to write them!
But there’s many freely available!
“And how do i put limited time for ex. After 300 seconds you lose?”
Property Actuator - Interval - Prop: Lose - Min: 300 Max: 302 -> AND -> Game Actuator - Quit this game

Well, as for your first question, if you’re talking about animation, that’s up to you to decide - some games have animation, some don’t. There’s no law on it - you have to choose. To do animation, yes, you will need scripts. In fact, if you’re making a 2D game, I would recommend you to learn Python, as otherwise, it will be difficult. As for the time limit, there’s a Timer object property type.

If you want to make a 2d game the BGE is mostlikely not the best choice. It is possible but the focus is 3D. You might want to look for a 2D game engine.

@Monster - I wouldn’t necessarily say that - 2D games are possible. In fact, I’ve made more than one in the BGE, and the result was fairly good, I think. I think that if he doesn’t know Python, it will be difficult, so that would be the first place to start.

What kind of scripts do I need?

Well, I would recommend learning Python, as it won’t be easy. However, to start with, I would recommend my Sprites module, which allows you to animate 2D sprites in the game engine.