Blender 3.0 Alpha Messed Up Files

Hey there everyone! I’m new to this community so I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for help. So I’m working on my senior project (a LEGO animation in Blender) and I stupidly saved all my files in Blender 3.0 Alpha (I wanted to use geo nodes, cycles x, etc). Now I am getting this message.

I know that these new releases can be unstable and mess up my files. Does anyone know any way to get them back :sob: This is two months of work for me.

project saved in 3.0 is not compatible with 2.93

If your computer runs the version 3.0 alpha/beta just fine, I would say “keep using it”. :slightly_smiling_face:

Blender 3.0 will be released in a few days anyway.

Or maybe you haven’t planned to use the next big update?

Hmm this message alone does just tells you ther are nor E: device… ???
Maybe: Append from a 2.9x file all the things you want from your 3.y files and save them. Some things can’t be done on 2.9 but for example geometry should be fine.

I agree with Okidoki, this is a path problem.

Little extra info:
As far as I know, 3.0 and 2.93 are compatible (within limits).
But 3.0 uses a different compression method.
Edit->Preferences->Save&Load->and deaktivate Compress File in Blender 3.0 and save your Scenes again.