Blender 3.0 Beta Asset Browser Problem


I used the addon Simple Asset Manager for quite some time but was interested in checking out the new Blender 3.0 Beta, especially the asset browser. I found some tutorials where people easily right click collections and mark them as assets but in my case these are greyed out when I try to do that with a red text saying “Disabled: data blocks does not support asset operations”. I can only mark single objects as an asset.

Does anyone else encountered that behaviour in the Beta? Maybe this is still some Beta limitation or what else do I have to do to mark collections as assets?

Thanks for the help.


Chris ^^

Hey, I experienced the same.
Later found out some explanation on YT but didn’t went through with it.

Just now I downloaded the Linux x64 beta and it works. (Without doing anything except adding the path in preferences)

Hi, same here. Downloaded the newest version of Blender 3 Beta for Windows. Can’t find any explanation why collections can’t be marked as an asset for the asset browser (anymore?) …