Blender 3.0 keeps crash when I open it :(

Hey guys. I’m really looking forward to use blender 3.0
But it’s really unstable. it keeps crash while it’s opening , or when I press “open” or “import, export” button.
compare to 2.93, it’s terribly unstable and I can not use it at all. So I’m still using 2.93

here’s video what’s going on

you will see what’s going on if you scroll to 0:22sec

Is 3.0 still unstable and in progress? or is it just me?
Spec of my PC is
32gb mem
intel i7-8700K
There’s no pirate software (from windows to blender, photoshop, microsoft office everything)

If someone knows what’s going on? please let me know.


Did you download the zip version or the installer?
It may be trying to use the preferences from an older version if using the installer…
I always use the zip and add in the Config folder and have never had this problem…except for GPU my specs are a lot older and far less than yours…and I have never encountered this…

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Thanks for answer, I will try zip version.

Make sure to un-zip to somewhere outside of Program Files…
Make sure to add inside the Blender 3.0++ folder a folder called Config…
I made a folder called Blender 3.0/ and dumped the contents of the zip to that folder…then inside the contents, there is a folder called 3.0, Or whichever version you get…Inside that folder add the Config folder…( it will save your addons and start-up there ) instead of the normal AppData route…

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