Blender 3.0 rendering small square in circle from the center problem

Hello ! I just downloaded last build for blender 3.0 alpha, and I have a strange problem for rendering:
It’s doing very small square rendering from the center in circle !
I didn’t have this problem before and I don’t think I changed anything in the settings…
And renders that took 1mn before now take forever :frowning: look at the video…

Do you have any idea what is going on and what I should do ?
thanks in advance !

Isn’t there a ‘render tile size’ somewhere in Cycles for B3.0? That would be my first check for this.
If there is and set correctly, it’s a bug I guess :wink:

Hello thanks ! I think there’s no anymore tiles in blender 3.0… In previous version it was rendering the whole image directly and it was sooo faaaaaaaast… Don’t know what happened, may be a bug… I’ll use previous version waiting it’s solved :slight_smile:


Be sure to log the bug in some way. It might be easy to fix :slight_smile:

Under Performance. Don’t know for optix. Whole image directly ??? With Cycles ???

Cycles x has no tile render 3.0 still render in tile i think u should check tile size and your resolution. And res % can be too high.

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exactly, but do you know how to render from center? it renders the tiles from bottom left

Check Render Proporties > Performance > Tiles > Order Tab
Under the order tab you can select tile method “Center” is you looking for.

Yes, as I said, this setting has been removed after cycles x.

Right, sorry didnt notice … deleted :slight_smile: