Blender 3.0 Tilesizes

What value should I be using now?

My default is 20xx but my renders are super pixelated and jagged.

First read Cycles-X release notes, especially the part about tiles and memory.
Second please provide an example render, so others can see what you are asking about.

I’m 99% sure your problem have nothing to do with tile size.

What could it be then?

I tried rendering at 10k samples and the results are pretty much the same.

I see nothing wrong with this render. Can you post entire image, not a small region?

This is the entire region I rendered to show how it looks.

Ok, after zooming it looks weird like there are two levels of pixels.

Do you have the same problem with the viewport or only with render?
What are your other render and output settings?

Maybe this is an artifact related to output format, or GPU drivers.

Did you tired exporting as non-lossy compressed file (like EXR or TIFF)?

Viewport looks fine for the most part.

I’m at 3k samples trying to render at 1080p 100%. My textures are 4k so maybe I should be trying to render at a 4k resolution?

I also render with both GPU and CPU. I used to render at 256 tiles and haven’t rendered anything since CyclesX dropped so I’m a bit lost here.

Sorry for asking, its just that I don’t really know how these things work. I assumed it was tile related because most of my issues pre-CyclesX came from those.

Here you have release notes from Cycles-X:
Try to read them through. With Cycles-X there is new way of working with sampling and noise.
Tiles are not used for performance tuning anymore.

I don’t think this is textures fault. They would be upscaled, but they wouldn’t be perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically.

Try rendering only with GPU and CPU and compare results. If the results are identical - your GPU and drivers are fine.

Do you use compositing after rendering with this image?
Do you have the same problem with default cube scene?

No composite.

I’ll try importing the model into another file and see if it fixes the issue. It happened a few times before.