Blender 3.0A how to create mass zombies following a person?

I am having problems trying to “simulate large mass of zombies” … without creating a “very slow” respond on my computer. The objectives is to have a large crowd of zombies following a person running through a maze using a “bezier curve”.
I can create this for a few zombies following this “bezier curve” (using constraints curve follow path). However to do it for a large crowd of zombies, I have been trying a few methods but none of them works well.

  1. Using particle system with “boid” in follow “goal” setting - a few follow to some extend and then go in different directio.
  2. Using particle system with “force” field on bezier curve - a few of them follow to some extend and then go its own way
  3. Using “collection instance” … see image below, the instance don’t folllow exactly …

How else can I achieve this … given the path of the maze is pretty narrow.
Any tips ??

Diagram showing the 3rd approach using collection instance … but horde not following the bezier curve path.