Blender 3.1.2 IS SLOW!

I just installed blender 3.1.2 because I was having problems with 3.1
Now blender is working extremely slow just to rotate the view!
I have:
32 gig of ram
4.2 GHz
There should be no reason for blender to go slow.

PLZ help!
Ty in advanced :blush:

Hi. If you didn’t transfer your User Preference settings and you’re using Cycles as your rendering engine, it’s possible you forgot to enable dedicated GPU rendering at:

User Preferences and Properties Editor → Render Properties → Device → GPU Compute.

But I don’t have a GPU and I’m just rotating the viewport in solid view mode.

After some research, GPU rendering users apparently have some issues with Optix drivers while CUDA drivers work fine.

You’ve mentioned that you don’t have a GPU, but this could still be a Blender bug. You might try upgrading to an experimental Blender 3.2x or Blender 3.3x build to see if the slowness disappears.

Ty for your help, BTW experimental builds can randomly shut down, and still have horrible bugs.
I looked around and found that a lot of Mac users are having this bug. I had to open, get info (properties for pc) and check open in low resolution.