Blender 3.1.2 - Solidify Modifier weird behavior -Shrinkage of model piece

Hi All,

I ran into this weird problem when I was modeling a light saber for a class I was taking and to tell you the truth I am a bit stumped. I model the part, go back into object mode apply ‘scale & rotation’ add the ’ Solidify modifier’ adjust the settings and tick the ‘even’ checkbox for the modifier and apply it. Everything is awesome, bring in another cylinder for another piece of the model and the part of the model with the Solidify modifier shrinks to almost nothing.

I even went as far as resizing the part that shrunk back to its original size, but then again bring in another cylinder and it shrinks again.

Hmm, it’s hard to tell from the screenshot.

I’m sure this isn’t it, but maybe turning off some addons might help. The crushed tabs on the right are making me nervous.

I was thinking the same thing because as a base I run hardops, boxcutter, mesh machine, machine tools, simple sci-fi, and chipps texture sets with inserts. I think I may have to turn everythiing else off. I am running 64Gb of ram on a i9-9900k with an ok 3060 rtx ti. But I did notice Blender itself has add on problems when you hit a certain point. I wonder if the install I have of x cycles could be creating this issue also.

The more active addons you have, the more issues you will run into. Make a habit of disabling addons that you aren’t actively using.