Blender 3.1.2 system console message looping non stop?

I am encountering endless looping of message below in the System Console … how do I stop it ? or is it normal in Blender 3.1.2 ??

Hi. Those console messages are alerts relating to a created, live localhost.
These could be caused from:

Hi @RPaladin
I don’t use any render farm or any collaborative tool.
Anyway you can advise how I can check … perhaps addon that cause this problem?

Something in Blender is making an infinite loop of successful HTTP requests on port 10743. This doesn’t mean a local host connection, as isn’t the destination, just the path the the request is taking through the router. I’m not sure what’s making these requests or to where, try disabling your addons (starting with the community and testing) ones. Did you download blender from

After some research, these messages are apparently generated by the Blenderkit add-on when it runs a Daemon server as a background process.

I’m not quite sure what the server is for to be honest.
But if you don’t need the add-on I’d suggest disabling it.

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Thanks a lot … this is very helpful.

I disable it and the looping message no longer there … :slight_smile: