Blender 3.2.1 buggy material nodes

edit: Found the Issue: For some Reason my image textures used “Alpha” → straight (guess, new feature)
Fixed it by setting it to → None

Previous rant:

Just downloaded 3.2.1 …
holy cow!
What a sh*t show, lol

As soon as I change parameters on the cycles material nodes (using UDIMS) it looks like my UVs are completely rearranged… or the normal map screws up. Either way, it wont render the proper way after changing for example something as simple as a colour value.

How can I go back to a previous version of BLender that worked? Thank you guys.

edit: Cool, found the link to the previous Blender builds! Thanks anyway

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If you make a second post in this thread, you can mark it solved so that others can find this answer easier.

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So this fixed it for me:

  • Don’t pack resources into the BLender file (uncheck “automatically pack resources”)
  • Check whether the image texture has an Alpha channel or not (in my case I set Alpha to “none”)

this bug is still around in BLender 3.2.2

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