Blender 3.2 UV Artifacts Crashes on Render of Project I Rendered in February

I’m having a problem on all workstations and all copies of this project including backup copies. The viewport render it corrupted on the left side of the model. Compare with the render done in February, which was 1800 frames at 4K resolution, and all the wood grain is correct UV orientation.
The Blender 3.2 viewport render shows a repeating UV map, but if I look in the UV editor, the mapping is correct. But it is rendering incorrectly.
I cannot F12 render to disc. Blender crashes on both workstations. Two separate backup copies of this project are showing this corruption on two machines.
A month ago, I tried to render this project for the first time in 3.2 and got an “out of GPU memory” error on an RTX3090. In February, I rendered 1800 frames at 4K with no errors.
I’m flabbergasted that this is happening on all machines and all backup copies of the project file now.
Below are screen grabs from the original February render in 3.1 and the viewport Cycles render above it in 3.2. Notice the wood at the left side of the organ. It’s as if the UV is set to repeat the texture in the horizontal dimension a dozen times. The February render is correct.