Blender 3.3 LTS Released

So, Blender 3.3 LTS has been released (if you didn’t know that, you shouldn’t be reading this but going and downloading it). But once you do, then come back here :slight_smile:

I’ve had a quick look and play, mostly with the new hair curves, still got to spend a lot more time, but looks really interesting.

However, one ‘bug’, I think it is, which may catch some people out when they open previous files and scrub the timeline only to have Blender freeze up for x amount of time.

If this happens to you, check any objects for simulation modifiers. I know Cloth is an issue, but others maybe as well.

The difference I’ve discovered is that even if the object is disabled in the outliner, if the Cloth modifier itself is enabled for the viewport, it will try to calculate the simulation, even tho nothing appears on screen (since the object is disabled in the outliner).

This didn’t matter in previous versions. If the object is disabled in the outliner, then the modifier settings had no impact.

Did you report it? This sounds like a possible regression! Usually this kind of bugs are fixed fast once discovered.

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Seriously, bake your simulations before saving your files.
It is all that is needed to avoid Blender refilling cache, at each opening of file.


Having difficulty finding the download for Mac Intel. I’m directed to apple silicon.

Not sure I’ve got login or account for that, so at this stage, no I haven’t. Also not sure it isn’t just me or if there’s other similar issues. I tend to install Blender over the top of previous installs, so many a totally clean install is fine?

It’s a working production file, well a recent version of one, so the Cloth sim is there to hold settings for later use, when I’d run the sim and export it out.
Not that it was an issue before, since when the object was disabled, it didn’t try to refill the cache anyway.

Should be here it seems:

Tho you may already have it and it just took a little longer to be added and hence was when I looked.

How did I you know about that page. I went through the main download page as usual and got only Arm. Thankyou so much for the help!

Cool release but I miss the demo reel video and “new features in less than 5 minutes”. :frowning:


Detection of apple silicon was recently implemented on the download website, if it doesn’t work right you should also report it as a bug.

Not this?


The 5 minutes videos are generally at least 5 minutes long and has a fast-talking narrator, so perhaps he just was not available to do it this time around.

In any case, as great as the new features are I am forging ahead on 3.4 alpha. Chances are I would not have utilized all of the new features anyway before the next big batch comes out.

At the least though, the fact the standalone hair system is in means the team should now have the all-clear to work on the overhaul for particles.

While not official, it is a good video. :slight_smile:

Well. That is a recurrent complain. Sometimes, it happens. Sometimes, it does not. Whatever the type of simulation is.
The fact that you want to work on simulation, later, does not invalidate that just pressing Current Cache to Bake button avoid problems or disabling modifier.

That may be a need to have an hidden object with a simulation computed, if this object drives deformation or animation of a rendered one.

Initially, deactivation of collection was supposed to deactivate animations and simulations.
But it was pushed too far with hiding of object.
Nowadays, modifiers enabling/disabling are exposed in Outliner.
I am not sure that should be considered as a bug. Although, no behaviour change is mentioned in release notes.

Maybe, or maybe not. Either way it seems to be a gotcha that makes it appear as if Blender has crashed, since there’s nothing to show it’s actually doing anything (given that the object is disabled for viewport and render in the outliner).

Yes, but you need to know that you now have to do that, compared to previous versions.

Anyone have issues with missing addons?

I noticed that after I upgraded I had to reinstall TruSky. It had vanished. Another addon had the path to the library files was erased… that caused blender to hang when selected from the side men. Once the path was fixed it worked fine.

I also noticed a python error when trying to reinstall one of the hair addons… “Hair Tool for Blender” I seem to have lost that till fixed.

Other than that… been working like a charm for the little that I can do in Blender :rofl: :joy:

Generally speaking, add-ons have to be updated to work with the lastest version of Blender. In case of external add-ons, like the “Hair Tool for Blender”, and “TruSky”, you need to ask the author for an updated version of it. Usualy paid addon developers tend to release new versions a few days after release of the lastest version of Blender, so it’s waiting game. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask them directly.

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Agreed… this was the 1st upgrade where I have seen an installed addon disappear. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this. :+1:

Hello. Could someone check if in version 3.0+ the search function can see operators from external addons?
I am asking because only today I noticed that the operator “Unbevel” from “Mira Tools” is not visible in the search box.

Works fine for me

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As a following up to my initial post, I’m wondering if I’ve found another version of the same problem.

This time in relation to the new hair curves and the sculpting tools, I find that if the viewport is active on the Surface Deform, then using any of the hair sculpting tools results in massive lag, it takes like a second to update on every brush stroke.

However, turn off viewport display for the Surface Deform and all hair sculpting is smooth, but of course you aren’t seeing how it exactly looks on the model.

The “Deform Curves on Surface” node is relatively expensive compared to everything else happening there. The best thing to do is disable it when you’re sculpting.

The speed of calculating the curve surface attachment (used by add, density, and slide brushes and that modifier/node) is highly influenced by the poly count of the surface mesh. If you can, it’s best to use a lower resolution mesh or disable subdivision modifiers when sculpting.