Blender 3.34 YaFray crash

Just downloaded 3.34, and thaught I’d try out the realtime render view for yafray. If I just select ‘YaFray’ in the Render buttons and leave it all on default it works fine and dandy, but if I change the GI options to Full, it crashes when I click Render. Anyone know why? It’s a fresh install of YaFray so I don’t know why it would be doing this.
Thanks in advance,

You have to delete the previous version of YafRay before you install a new one. And this should have been posted in Blender General.

Ah cripes, I knew this went in another forum…lucky first post, eh?
I guess I’ll continue the thread there :stuck_out_tongue:

ANd it’s 2.34, not 3.34.