Blender 3.34 YaFray crash

Following this topic on from the Other Software forum…
I’ve completely uninstalled YaFray and Blender, and reinstalled both of them. I’ve managed to narrow down the problem to the conclusion that, whenever I set YaFray GI to Full and turn on Photons, yafray.exe crashes.
It’s early and I have my dummy head on so if I didn’t explain something just ask :wink:

  • Riggzy

Are you using the latest version of Yafray?

btw, it’s 2.34

Yep, version 0.0.7. Downloaded it off the Blender website and installed it (after uninstalling the older version :wink: ).

Oops, sorry bout the version typo :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a bug and has been submitted and fixed. It will no doubt be distributed when the next version of blender has been released.

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey

Good to hear :smiley:
Having great fun with Blender anyhows, can’t wait for the fixed version.

try maybe XML function in BLENDER 2.34

In my computer sometimes Yafray crashes when using normal yafray plugin - than only XML auto export run just fine (no crash)