Blender 3.4 - clothes goes through tube


After fiddling with settings, I ended up having a nice result

yet why is the clothes passing through tubes ?

my settings for the collision object

thanks for your inputs

Hi! I guess your collision distances are too high, or your tube is too thin (or not enough vertices). You can play with Collisions Quality and Distance of your cloth, or maybe create thicker tubes as colliders, not rendered.

unfortunatley your informations are very limited and we can only guess or give “general” hints which might not help you, therefore i would recommend providing your blend file so we can check it out and help you precisely.

Or at least a wireframe screenshot :wink:

And to play the fiddle is also not easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Seriously: controling the settings is no playing arround… it should be based on some knowledge… which was built up by trying some simple examples…

And you give us not much information about your expereience… expect fiddling… :person_shrugging:

So in general if someone elaborate more what was done or tried and what exactly the problem is expect from not working as expected (and sometimes the expectations are not even clear) then this would be more helpfull for others to be able to help and in the end for the questioner itself…

A number of things can impact cloth sims, from overall model scale to mesh density to quality steps.

I cover a lot of this in my video:

Another thing is to check the normals of the various objects and make sure they are all pointing in the correct direction.

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And, for cloth or rigid body simulations, bigger scale of objects means usually nicer result.

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thx everyone, I’ll check these out