Blender 3.5 and Addons folder

Could somebody explain whats happening to Addons_contrib folder visibility in BL 3.5?


Aside from having to activate all my add-ons again… things are working fine here. There were a couple of add-ons that needed reinstalled to get their assets back but nothing horrible.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 085922


The problem is that some of the add-ons I use are marked as testing, and I cannot activate them without that testing button.

Yeah, no matter what i tried no addon appear in the list if is placed in addons_contrib. I will stick with 3.4 for now.

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Ive read somewhere Testing condition has been disabled in code for 3.5 beta. But… we re out of 3. 5 beta now?

I cant see TESTING button at all.
Both OFFICIAL and COMMUNITY point to the same folder but maybe it is meant to.

It seems they removed it in 3.5 because there are no experimental addon shipped with it.

#106306 - Addons from Alternate script path (script_directory) in addon_contribs not showing in addon preferences - blender - Blender Projects

but i use the testing folder to separate my addons because blender lacks of addons management. so i hate this decision.

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Well, it would not hurt me but where i am supposed to store non-default addons then?
W/out pouring everything into default ADDONS ?

non-default addons located in blender user data/custom path, default addon located in blender installation folder. it’s already on a separated folder.

You mean a folder in [system]/USER/Blender Foundation/…or sth defined in BL FILE PATHS menu?

I found a workaround after seeing the commit.

  • go to your “[blender installation folder]\3.5\scripts\startup\bl_ui”
  • open the file
  • go to line 149
  • change “alpha” to “release” (or “rc” / “beta” if you used that build)

I don’t know if it’s the right way to reverse it, i’m not a coder, but at least now i can access the testing folder.

hope that helps


i’m using the custom script folder defined in File Path, because i’m using more than 1 Blender version.

if you’re not using the custom path, then yes it’s on your USER folder.

just to clarify, what i mean by Non-Default is addons that you installed yourself, and Default addons is the one that shipped with blender (whether it’s official or community)

Clarify,pls. Usually there are 2 folders in BL path: Addons and Addons_Contrib.
Whats the difference wether its Official or Community?
Beside above BL creates SCRIPTS folder is $USERPROFILE path.

First of all, i’m not a native english speaker, so i’m sorry if what i write seems confusing.

if you look at addons tabs, there are 3 tab
Official: Created by Blender
Community: Created by … community (it could be shipped w/ Blender or not)
Testing: Created by community, submitted to Blender for review (AFAIK)

Default Addons installed in BL path Addons folder
Testing Addons installed in BL path Addons_Contrib folder

Non-Default Addons installed in USER path Addons folder (separated by Blender version)
There are no Addons_Contrib folder in USER path, but you can add it yourself to manage your addons (like i do)

If you used custom script folder, then you will have another Addons folder (and contrib if you add it too) somewhere in your drive, it’s treated the same as USER path in terms of placement in addons tabs in Blender.

Addons_Contrib always goes to Testing Tabs.

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I created a bug report yesterday for this issue which was closed very quickly, maybe it helps to put your use cases there so a solution can be provided that works for developers/users who use these folders.


oh, that one is your bug reports? the username “ATE” there is me, i think my use case is quite similar to you so i’m not writing it in details (the only difference is i’m only do it for management purpose).

my suggestion there is to make it an option in experimental tab.

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Thank you, sir. That Helped.


I removed the whole cycle part and moved testing back into the the list.

items = [
        ('OFFICIAL', "Official", "Officially supported"),
        ('COMMUNITY', "Community", "Maintained by community developers"),
        ('TESTING', "Testing", "Newly contributed scripts (excluded from release builds)")

While having it optional with some developer options might work for some, in our case or at least how its implemented at the moment no addons in the contrib folders show up in blender so all our employees would need to enable developer extras to get them back and i can already see many bug reports flying my way that addons are missing.

I believe the proper solution is to load addons if they are in the contrib folder.

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I want to move it back as well but I don’t know which part should I delete, because I can’t read the code so I took the safer option :rofl:

yeah, I agree that it should automatically show the testing tab if the addons_contrib folder is not empty.
It still loaded even if the tab isn’t showing after all (if you import previous setting and it’s already activated).