Blender 3 all hotkeys?

is there any resource anyone knows for ALL Blender 3 hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts ?
thank you!

First: look at the docu …
Second: search engine…

typing shorcuts 3.0 here and clicking more…here… give that result.

Anyway! welcome to blender artist, friend.

you can also go there for a more graphic picture about shortcuts.

idk googling i find tons of old stuff
and then there is like 20 dudes with different resources,
and like blender 2 and stuff
was hoping someone here knows a very very very good one,
this keyboard but viewable on the internet (image is lowres)

i mean, most of these softwares have a keyboard image with keyboard hotkeys on it, iam sure someone made one…

oh i find this looks good, is that current? did blender 3 change any hotkeys? it added some??

manual says

this isn’t a comprehensive list,


O well then maybe you wanna help the blender organization to make a better docu?? See here .