Blender 3 Geo Node Engine For Unreal

It looks like Blender is starting to challenge Houdini about making procedural content for Unreal :+1:


That’s pretty amazing!

The nice thing about this concept is that just about any game engine can have a variant of it (even FOSS ones that would otherwise have to deal with legal hoops and disgruntled users if Houdini Engine was to be used instead). I added the part about users because many would rather not pay a subscription to get access to creating node graphs.

I do wonder though how flexible it will be whenever the Blender devs. add new nodes and other functionality, as many more big changes in things like how nodes updates is coming for 3.1.

Each engine community needs to find someone to work on it.
The most motivated until now are Unreal users :rofl:

I hope they’ll keep it up for Blender Geometry Nodes major updates , or at least update with main interesting features, otherwiseusers will fallback to creating plugins.

Many great common things can be achieved without needing to spend money monthly on Houdini.

I just found out about Altermesh today, and feel it is getting not enough exposure for what it does. :wink:

I guess the tool uses new Geometry blueprints features included in Unreal 5.

All depends on what you need, but the more options, the better :slightly_smiling_face:

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