Blender 3 not exporting the material to UE 4/5

Blender 3 not exporting the material to UE 4/5. Am i missing anything?

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Can you please share some more details, the file type and what you see (not see)?

If you use factory Blender and pick e.g. obj to export, there should be a tickbox for materials as well.

I used to do it a couple of times (UE4), and it worked, even though, not always perfectly. Sometimes you just need to re-plug the maps in UE.

I am not a big expert in Blender to UE workflow tho. You may consider checking some youtube tutorials on this, there are a lot that can help you :blush:


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As @AgentTuron said, we need more information to help you.

But quickly a common issue: you cannot export procedural materials from Blender to a game engine as is. Because different renderers use very different processes, at this point that’s simply not possible. You need to “bake” them first.


Yes that is indeed true, did not come to my mind :grin:
So you need to have nice PBR maps plugged in for starters :wink:


I have setup the export settings to Path Mode Copy and Selected Embed Textures

I have enabled the external Data (automatically pack resources)

Below is the material I have created

When exported to UE Material that appeared is white which is the default when you import mesh

This material is complex enough that you should probably bake it

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If you use FBX export it will not accept any Nodes that Pass through another node (the normal map being the exception…) so your Mixed Displacement will cause a failure…in the FBX export
Like @joseph has said you need to Bake this down to a simpler node tree so that the displacement is a single image to connect to the output…