Blender, 32-bit addressing limitations on a 64-bit OS?

Forgive me if this should be somewhere else.

I just upgraded my machine with 4GB of RAM, and Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Obviously, I can address all of the RAM in Vista so that isn’t a problem like it used to be in the 32-bit OS’s (where any application could only address like… 2.something GB of it, while the OS could address only 3.25 GB or whatever it was).

My question is, does anyone know how much 1) The official 2.43 build can address and 2) How much Eugene’s build can address? Even though they are both 32-bit pieces of software, can both address all 4GB if needed (respecting the memory needed by the OS) or what is the limit?

No, 32bit blender will still crash at around 2.0GB even if you have 64bit CPU and OS. you’ll need a 64bit build, the most recent one I can find is from

I have personally tried it and can tell you with confidence that this 64bit version will address at least 3GB of memory (i have have 3GB atm).

On a side note, Blender 2.5 is suppose to come out with a 64bit version or something…

Interesting. So, I see that 2.44 is supposed to be “64 bits safe” and that is supposed to be out in April (at least, that is what I got from the roadmap).

Anyone know what time in April it is supposed to be released? Or, are there nightly builds available?