Blender 32bit vs 64bit

I am using Windows 7 64bit HomePremium and have installed the Blender 2.63a 64bit…
My question is… What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit? Somehow I see that 64bit version runs a little bit slower than the 32bit one( as i used this on WIndows XP)

WHich one should I use? or which of them do you all often use? Does 32bit run on 64bit system? Which is good for game engine?

The difference is the address range. If Blender is baking something, simulating or rendering and it needs to address more than 2^32 byte the system will crash. Actually in windows 32bit processes can even address fewer memory and the memory hole makes it even less.

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Use 64bit.
I only use 64bit.
Pretty much all 32bit software runs on 64bit systems.
A game engine does not care what memory width a tool uses, besides that there are virtually no 64bit game engines.

It also makes sense to use 64b on a system with less than 4GB memory (which is the address limit of 32b) simply because if your simulation for instance needs over 4GB it’ll crash on 32b. On a 64b system it’ll not crash and simply use the swap/page file or partition once the physical memory is full.
It’s painfully slow, but better slow than crashing.

Thank you much :slight_smile: Now I understand it. Also python 2.6 64 bit for best progress,too

You don’t need to install Python, it’s bundled with Blender 2.5x+

alright :slight_smile: thank you much. I just have a question… hm how could I make the UI run faster? i dont know how but it runs slowly if textures are activated… okay… its true that the pc needs more ram… but how could we change it else?

outhc… its really a long text. Thank you mib2berlin

how could I make the UI run faster? i dont know how but it runs slowly
The developers have messed up the speed of the interface IMHO. Blender used to run fast and now it runs slow. Even on a well equipped machine I still have to wait for menu items to popup. Then when I run any other program there is no lag. My guess is that the UI is actually being run in a render loop. So it is not event driven per-say. It is event scanning.

Unless the developers come up with a solution to this Blender GUI slowdown all roads seem to point to Houdini Apprentice as the next app to learn.

PS: I tried Zalamanders suggestions and they have no effect on my nVidia quad core system.

Yes… and so I dont use so many splitted windows on Blender.