Blender 3D and Maya/ 3ds Max

Everyone always say that Maya and 3Ds Max are better than Blender. I want to know is what is there in those two software that Blender is lacking?

If you want to try them for yourself just download the free trials:

my computer’s hellishly slow. Can’t run these files.

At the very least you didn’t post this in the News section :slight_smile:

what do max and maya have that blender doesn’t one sexy ass view cube, I swear I can’t do any work without this :wink:

Well, I’m guessing it’s mostly the support and the plug-ins those programs have, that Blender doesn’t.

3ds max has been around for 20 years. maya’s been around for 12 years, but Walt Disney Animation Studios worked closely with them the maya team to make maya better, when they were making Dinosaurs.

Blender’s been around for about 10 years, or so, but they haven’t had the support of people who were already far into the animation industry.

To me, “product comparison this vs. that” threads are just a waste of time … no matter what products are being thusly compared. Every product, commercial or otherwise, represents both the peculiarities and the priorities of its design teams, over the course of many years. They compete … they leapfrog one another … they never converge … and, all of them are quite viable for professional use (including Blender).

Many companies own and use more than one tool simultaneously, whether it is because of the needs of various clients, or because one tool excels at a particular thing that a given studio has need to do. The digital asset files are far more precious than the license-costs of the tools used to create and to maintain them, the latter being just “a cost of doing business” (and a relatively small one at that). If you buy a $500 software tool and spend just 11 hours of your own time building something (commercially usable) with it, the value of that one file now exceeds the entire cost of that tool.

Also… in the open-source world, if you complain about something that’s not in the product … heh … guess you just signed up to write it! (“Gee, thanks! Is it finished yet??”) :wink: