Blender 3d animation software helping people find it

Hi all, it would really be appreciated that when you talk about or link blender from a site, you mention ‘3d animation software’ somewhere close to the name or word/link blender. The reason is that the primary way that search engines know about what software is used for, is based on the words close to it in a link. Recently a spam software was able to get a higher rank in searches than Blender simply by having a bunch of links that pointed to it for 3d animation software. I don’t want that to ever be possible to happen again.

bizarre. ok…

Google bombs are fun!!!

It can also help to add a “title” tag to the link (if possible).

<a href="" title="Blender 3D">Check out this awesome 3d animation software!</a>

Will do Captain sir!

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that’s hex for OK.