Blender 3D App Comparison Chart

There was just a similar question over in Q&A - but I didn’t want to hijack the other guys post. But it made me think that it would be cool to create a comparison chart much like other 3D applications have. It could list a feature comparison of Blender, 3DSM, Maya & XSI - with the prices listed at the bottom.

Personally I think most of those charts are skewered to highlight the strong points of the software being promoted - so perhaps ours could focus on the functionality Blender does have that is also in other software - or that is missing from other software.

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about any of the apps, but think it would be a pretty useful addition to the site.

nuance9, don’t worry that much about this .

Most 3d pros choose a 3d app to suit the way the work or the type of look that the want to achieve. Most 3d pros come from a strong background using of various 3d/2d/traditional art. If you are a 3d hobbyist don’t worry about spending your money and time tying to match your work to the quality of a 3d pro “overnight” with some quick 3d miraculous rendering software. It takes time, experience and effort no matter what 3d app you use to get great 3d renders. Read here-

I want to get in contact with the Tuhopuu Developement team on the subject of helping for new Blender artist to understand the basics of Blender. Maybe we could make one version prepackaged with a simple 3d scene that gives an example of professional 3d lighting, materials, etc.

The rest is all up to the Blender artist.

JA-forreal -

My interest in the comparison chart was to help dismiss the misconception that some may have about Blender being a feature-light play toy since it is open source. I’m not sure that your reply recognized that or not.

A nice chart could help people who stumble upon Blender to quickly see what features it has that are comparable to “big name” apps.

Blenders features are clearly displayed in the docs. But maybe a web page here or on the org with a rundown on what Blender has to offer would work. Good point.

Docs!!! He he he! That’s a good one JA-forreal… :stuck_out_tongue:

That WOULD work if anybody actually READ on the internet.

Unfortunately, most - at best - just briefly scan. That is why I thought a nice chart could help show off Blender’s strong points to the average attention deficit internet user.

Ya know?

Of course actually compiling such a chart might be difficult. I will try to put together a mock up in the next couple days if I can and let you and the rest of the community who know much more about Blender than I bang out the details.

I read the docs.

Go ahead, if you have the time. Best of luck.

There’s a nice feature page at here.

No comparisons though.

hmm, what has tuhopuu development team got to do with teaching people to learn blender?

as said before, is the “product site”. help, docs and feature info, tutorials etc go there.


Just a thought: it always seemed to me that should be the product site, just because it’s the most straightforward name.

Is there a reason why was chosen as the product site name, and kept as the developer site?