Blender 3D Composite - Finished Project



Hey all,

I’ve been working on this 3D Composite in Blender 3D and After for a little while now. It was a school project for a Motion Graphics Class, but the teacher allowed me to do 3D, since I’m really the only 3D animator there.

Anyways, the video is HD, the robot is made completely in Blender 3d, and it is composited in After Effects (which is why its in “Off-Topic” rather than “Focused Critique”)

Any sort of feedback would be great!


Work on your timing a little more.

Why did you use AE instead of Blender, there´s no reason why you had to use it for this?
But I have to assume as you used it, you bought a legal copy and it´s expensive enough, so why not use it…

Why did you use a generic studio environmental texture on the robot? I even know the texture you used. You should have made a lightprobe, or at least a 360° panorama where you shot the footage and used that as environmental map.
It completely kills the whole scene that a room with black and white walls is mirrored in the robot which is standing in the green.

The Blade legs shouldn´t sink in the ground, and if they do, they have to damage the ground.

It´s a nice start though but needs work - and I don´t use the poll. It´s judgemental without any constructive critique :smiley:

@arexma -Thanks for your input, I was trying to do the 360° shot as the environment, but was running into some problems. I’ll try again and see what happens. Also, I had to use AE because that was what the teacher required for the class. Thanks again for your input.

@dleri - Work on the timing… of the robot animation?

As I assume it´s your yard and it´s still there, go and take some photos.
I can recommend Hugin a free panorama stitcher. You´ll have your 360 in no time.
I don´t think it has to be perfect. If the mirror image somewhat represents the environment people will not notice… it´s about believability not prefect reproduction. Just now as the mirror image doesn´t match at all, not even in the colortones people will look closer :wink: