Blender 3D Cursor Suggestion

Hello, this is my first post in this forum.

Ive changed from Maya (no License anymore) to Blender and worked a little bit with it.

I like Blender but there are few things that bother me alot:

A) I miss in Blender a good system for organising objects in hierarchy (transform matrix chaining over grouping something like this) and usability like the manipulation of the hierarchy in the object viewer.

B) Vertice normal control, like hard egdes and soft edges function that reconfig the vertice normals of an object. (i think blender goes over smoothing groups or something like this that is hard to manage)

C) I miss a flexible 3d cursor in blender that is easy to handle. And now there is my main topic.

And to C) i want say. There is a script: for this purpose. My version of the script is modificated for more control over the 3D cursor. But the raw script is awesome!

So why it isnt integrated in blender as default?