Blender 3d Hacks Set Up Guide (pt1)

Hi, I decided to document how I set up Blender.
Part 1 covers Downloading & Installing Blender.
Installing Python.
Making your own “Custom Blender”
Embedding Python in Blender,
Setting Up file Paths.
Creating Extra Folders For Your Blender Workspace.
User Preferences.
Customizing Icons.
Adding User Themes.
& some other stuff.
Before I continue this, I thought I might ask for some feedback.
Is this useful?
Would you like more?
next would be setting up Window layouts,
then setting up the best Python scripts,
Then how to set up Scenes as specific Environments/Library’s.
& more…
anyway, setting up Blender is quite important to using the application successfully.
most of the things I do are common knowledge for most.
but not everyone, hopefully this guide may help some on their Blending ways.


a small list of the best scripts and URL location would be nice too
if not included yet

Good work


Thanks RickyBlender,
Check the wiki link in my sig for scripts.
pretty much the majority of the scripts in the under the Orange headings are good.
Scripts in the Wizards section rock!
Don’t forget in System there’s the 3d Cursor Menu, it is very handy.

Thanx! Pretty cool!

What kind of stuff is “adding user themes”?

pixelmass, thanks.
I think I’ll add some more.
using .B.blend files properly.
transferring information between builds…

it’s all about customizing Blender.
themes are the color scheme for the interface.
so you can color Blender to your liking,
or match the colors of your favorite app,
you can save your Theme as a script then share it with others.
or run a script to change the theme to another.

I do believe that setting up Blender (or any app for that matter),
is an important part of learning functions & interface & improved software knowledge.
Apart from that, if you download a few extras, set your self up,
you can do things a lot easier & much more fun can be had.